Easy Way Downgrade Firmware To LW63

LW63/ 5$

Modefied to LW4x to LW7x

LW63/ 15$

Modefied to LW80

LW63 / 35$

Modefied to LW90

Why Firmware Version LW63 ?

1- If you have Lexmark Resetter , you know that printer must have firmware version lower than LW70 to save your toner chip from damage "Locked chip "
2- More new toner chip do not work perfectly on firmware version LW90 for this , you must downgrade your printer firmware
3- My Firmware modefied to solve "INVALID CODE " message when downgraded from firmware version LW90 .

Your Printer Data

We Can Solve Downgrade Firmware Problem

We Will contact you in short time and will send to you all information about firmware and how to install .Happy nice day.